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Thank you for Exhibiting at GameSoundCon 2023

Update Oct 12

We currently have more than 700 in-person registrations, which is our largest to date, far exceeding our forecast of 525. If you are bringing handouts or items for the conference bag, 600+ or so is probably plenty, since not everyone takes a conference bag.


The Expo Hall is in room Academy 1 in the Marriott Convention Center. To encourage attendees to visit your booths, the Expo Hall is also the location of the Networking/Mixer event on Tuesday evening, and is also where coffee is served.

The Networking/Mixer event will likely be your busiest time, so make sure your booth is well staffed. The lunch breaks are also popular times for people to get coffee/snacks and visit your booths.

Below is an overview of the Expo Hall schedule, as well as a layout of the Expo Hall. I have also included a photo from a different event in the same space so you can get a feel for what the your booth looks like.

Each booth comes with a table, 2 chairs and AC power. I recommend you bring a power strip if you need more than one outlet.

Badges are also QR code scannable with the Whova app. I recommend you read the Whova Exhibitor Guide

Don't neglect your virtual booth! The online booths are viewable for both inline and in-person attendees.

Booth Staff

If you have booth staff beyond any passes you received as part of your sponsorship, let me know and I can get additional Expo Only passes for them. If your booth staff would ALSO like to attend the sessions, contact me for a discounted full pass

Attendee Incentives

Both in person and virtual attendees will be able to play a bingo/passport contest, encouraging them to visit your online and in-person boothYou will be giving a physical "stamp" for in-person attendees, who will have a bingo-style card with all the sponsors on it. They need to fill it completely to be eligible for a t-shirt drawing.

Booth Locations

See the diagram to the right!

Handouts/Bag Stuffers

If you would like to include flyers/cards in the conference attendee bags, please bring them to the Convention Center foyer by 3:30pm on Monday, Oct 16



If you need to ship packages, etc ahead of time please refer to the shipping document



Monday Oct 16
   12:00noon Expo Hall Opens for Setup

NOTE: You may not be able to set up until "Pipe and Drapes" have been set up

   3:30pm  Drop off bag inserts at Desk outside Expo Hall 

   5:00pm Expo Hall "Pipe and Drape" set up complete

At this point you can set up your own booth if desired

Please Pick up your Sponsor Badges

  7:00pm-9:00pm Attendee Early Badge Pickup

  10:00pm Expo Hall Closes/Locks


Tuesday Oct 17

   6:30am Expo Hall Open for Setup

   7:30am Expo Hall Open for Attendees

   8:45am "Opening Remarks"

   7:00pm Networking/Mixer in Expo Hall

   10:00pm Expo Hall Closes/Locks

Wednesday Oct 18

   7:00am Expo Hall Open for Exhibitors

   7:45am Expo Hall Open for Attendees
   2:00pm Ice Cream in Expo Hall

   6:30pm Final Session Complete

   7:00pm Expo Hall Closed for Attendees

       Exhibitor Teardown
       Note: you may begin teardown earlier if desired

   12:00midnight Sponsor Teardown Complete


Thank you again for your support of GameSoundCon!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions

Brian Schmidt

Executive Director


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