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Who Should Attend?


  • Audio Professionals interested on breaking into the games industry    

  • Experienced Game Composers and Sound Designers (check out the "Pro" track!)

  • Anyone who wants to learn about audio for Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Composers familiar with traditional media (film, TV, music) who want to understand the practical differences between video game composing and traditional composing

  • Composers and Sound Designers who have done some work in games, but seek to broaden their knowledge of the technology and business of the games industry

  • Audio producers interested in the games industry

  • Academic and Industry researchers into audio technology for interactive applications

  • Students an teachers in video game music and sound design degree programs

  • Ludomusicologists and those involved in research in video game music and sound

  • Audio Talent representatives, who want to understand the non-obvious issues required to get their clients into the game audio business

  • Creative Representation & Management

  • Music Editors

  • Anyone who would like to know how to be a video game composer or a video game sound designer.


Top Reasons to Attend GameSoundCon


· Learn the differences between audio for games and audio for traditional media


· Understand the specialized  tools and techniques for video game music composing


· Get to know the unique business aspects of the game music industry and how to get your music placed in a videogame


· Network with some of the industry’s most successful game music composers and game sound designers


· Get training on videogame music composition and sound design concepts


· Learn what’s on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field


· Determine what skills and knowledge will make you stand out


· Gain insight into the creative and aesthetic challenges of video game music and video game sound design


· And more...



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