3 Days of Game Music, Sound, Dialogue and More

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Nov 8: Game Audio Essentials Day

Whether you've never worked on a game or just want to expand your knowledge, we've created a separate day for tutorials on the unique creative and technical challenges of working in game music or sound design.

Nov 8: Game Audio Education Summit 

For educators to discuss the challenges and issues of teaching game audio and also to foster a sense of community among those who teach game music, sound or audio technology at the post-secondary level.

Nov 9-10: GameSoundCon Core

Casual to AAA-- For composers, sound designers, dialogue specialists, researchers and others who want to keep up with the cutting edge in video game sound, music, dialogue and technology.

Topics include:

  • Music

  • Sound Design

  • Technology

  • Business/Career

  • Virtual/Mixed Reality Audio

  • Dialogue/Performance

  • Interactive Audio Research

  • Ludomusicology and the study of game music and sound

  • Tutorials

**We believe that Music Education fills an essential role in a child's education as well as their community. Too often school music programs are underfunded, especially in Black and low-income school districts. We believe that Black Lives Matter, and donated 80% of registration fees for GameSoundCon 2020, totaling $19,520 to Education Through Music - Los Angeles to support in-school music education among disadvantaged Los Angeles communities

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