Speak at GameSoundCon 2021

Submissions Are Open through June 7

Note: we use "Easychair" submission software

We accept submissions on any topic directly related to game/interactive audio, from the compositional process and sound design to business and legal issues.  Talks may be 25 or 50 minutes. Panel sessions may also be submitted; panel submissions should include tentative panelist names and added as 'additional speakers'  during the submission process. Panel sessions should comprise a diverse set of panelists.

Submissions may be made for any of our Tracks:​

  • Game Audio Essentials

Talks on the essentials of game music and sound design, particularly for those coming from a more traditional music/audio background

  • Game Audio Professional

"GDC-style" Advanced topics in game audio: Game Postmortems, Composition or Sound Design in games including business, career topics, VO, etc

  • Game Audio Research

Technical, industry and/or academic research in interactive audio technologies

  • Game Audio Studies

Academic research on game music and sound design; Ludomusicology, etc

  • Dialogue and Performance

Sessions dedicated to game dialogue techniques, process, talent, technology and implementation

  • Audio for Augmented and Virtual Reality

Creative, Technical, Research and other aspects of audio for mixed, augmented or virtual reality

  • Game Audio Education

Talks or sessions on game audio education, at the post-secondary level

Submission deadline: June 7, 2021

If your studio is thinking about multiple submissions, talk to us about arranging a "Studio Deep Dive," a coordinated set of talks covering multiple disciplines from the same title. Put "Studio Deep Dive" in your submission.

We are using the "easychair" submission software for GameSoundCon submissions this year.

Click the "Submit" button to begin the submission process.


Before you submit, please have the following information ready:

1)   Title of your talk

2)  Track (Essentials, Pro,Dialogue, Research, Game Audio Studies)

3)  (optional) 3 keywords for your talk

4)  A 2-3 paragraph abstract of your proposed talk

5)  A description of the audience takeaway-- what will attendees gain from attending this talk?

6)  A 1 paragraph bio.  Include any prior speaking experience (GDC, AES, etc.)

If submitting a panel session, please add each panelist as a 'speaker' when submitting.

Please include bio on the same document as your submission.

Before submitting, you may also want to read the easychair "How to make a new submission" instructions