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GameSoundCon 2024 is accessed through the Whova platform. In order to view the conference videos, you will need to log into the GameSoundCon Whova portal using the iOS/Android app or through any browser on PC/Mac/Linux

To access GameSoundCon 2024 from a Mac or PC, go to:

If using a mobile device or tablet, download app (iOS/Android) here:

You may also want to review the user guide here:

IMPORTANT: If you registered for "On Demand" Access, you will need to register for the first time using the MOBILE app. Once you have registered with the mobile app, you can view the sessions on either the mobile app or via any browser (PC, Mac, etc.)

If you are registering for the first time, create your Whova account by clicking on

"Don't have an account? Sign up Here"


From there, enter the same email address you used to register for the conference. 

After you have registered, search for GameSoundCon and follow the instructions in the app.

Note that it may take up to 24 hours before your registration propagates to the whova system.

If you have problems you can contact us at support at gamesoundcon dot com.

In Person Badge Pickup

There is an early badge pick-up, Monday Oct 28, 7pm - 9pm at the Convention Center. We highly recommend that you pick up your badge at that time if you are able to avoid the Tuesday morning rush!

Otherwise Badge Pick-up is Tuesday starting at 7:30am

The Expo Hall opens at 8:00am Tuesday and Wednesday

Sessions start at 8:45 on Tuesday, 9:00 on Wednesday

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