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Submissions open through May 31

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Game Audio Essentials

Two Days of intensive sessions, panels and masterclasses on the business, creative and technical challenges of game music and sound, designed for those coming from Film, TV, music and other more traditional media

Game Audio Pro

A separate two-day track for the experienced game audio professional.  Casual to AAA-- For composers, sound designers and others more experienced in the game industry

Audio for Virtual Reality 

A two-day 'conference within a conference' on the unique challenges of creating music and sound design for virtual reality and augmented reality

Dialogue and Performance

Created in partnership with The Halp Network, the new game Dialogue and Performance track is for all professionals who want to better understand how to implement high quality, cost-effective dialogue and how it can differ from other media. For Voice Talent, Directors, Agents, Game Producers, Audio Leads or anyone who wants to better understand the creative, technical, production and business challenges of dialogue in video games. 

Game Audio Research

One day of academic/industry research into innovative interactive audio technologies

One day of Game Audio Studies; Academic studies of game music and sound design including ludomusicology

Speed Mentoring

Meet with some of our speakers or other game audio professionals for Q/A, or a demo critique (demo maximum 60 seconds)

Composing music for video games is more than just uploading wave files to an FTP site. Video game sound design requires more than great ProTools chops. GameSoundCon teaches the core concepts, practical skills and game audio training to get a music or sound design job in the video game industry. Don't miss your chance to learn from the top experts in the business. Seating is limited so Register Today.

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